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Humber International Enterprise Park

Ownership. ABP

Size. 453 Acres / 183 Hectares

Freeport Tax Site. Outline planning (Ref: 18/04071/STPLFE) Local Development Order for green energy/renewable-related uses

The site lies adjacent to the city of Hull’s eastern boundary and occupies an area between the Saltend Chemicals Park and the village of Paull. It is located close to the A1033, providing quick and east access to the A63 and M62 motorway.

With a total land bank of 183 hectares (452 acres) at Hull, there is the potential for a number of bespoke development opportunities. The sites can be sub-divided to suit occupier requirements.

The development land has potential quayside access to the Port of Hull via a dedicated rail road link connecting the site into the respective UK networks.




  • Site 1 (LDO): 80 hectares – 197.68 acres
  • Site 1 (LDO): 50 hectares – 123.55 acres
  • Site 1 (LDO): 53 hectares – 130.96 acres
  • Total: 183 hectares – 452 acres