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Nowaco Foodtrading Ltd

Fish, Brough and Africa!

Nowaco Foodtrading Ltd, a Danish professional food trading house, is dedicated to provision and distribution of frozen food on a global scale. The company has satellite offices all over the world specialising in a multitude of food and consumable products.

Last year, Nowaco recruited James Matthews as the area manager to set up a UK branch with a sole commitment to sourcing and selling frozen pelagic fish, low in value, high in volume to many African countries.

James, a young entrepreneur, originally from Leeds but living in East Yorkshire, chose the Brough Business Centre to establish and develop the pelagic fish department, and was immediately taken with the unusual oval shaped office in the centre that offers a bright, light and airy and spacious feeling. 

On catching up with James, seven months into his tenancy, it was interesting to learn about his experience so far and how he has acquainted himself with his new location.  James commented that he has a relatively easy and quiet commute to and from work compared to his days living in Leeds and has found the new relief road, to be a nimble route in and out of Brough. 

James added that he enjoys the local amenities in the town and the competitive, low rental price has enabled him to take on a large square footage of office space to allow for potential growth and development.  James added that he travels frequently on trips to Denmark and Africa but always leaves his office space with a feeling of security and the knowledge that the business centre receptionists are always on hand to keep a look out and water his plants!

James concluded by explaining that this Danish company will be celebrating their 50 year anniversary of international success in September and has invited all of its staff from across the world to mark the occasion at the head office in Aalborg, Denmark – exciting times ahead for James!

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